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2021 review

We thought we’d share some of the feedback from our recent parent / player survey that we did earlier in September 2021.

These surveys are so important to us to validate what we’re doing as an organisation and help us create an even better experience for you all next year.

Full details are available on the infographic but here’s a couple of additional highlights:

✅ 441 entries (19% girls) – We’re proud of these numbers but really want to grow the number of Girls playing in our events, and in general, so watch for some new initiatives for 2022. Maybe a Girls Championship? Who knows

✅ 98% of you rated the Host Venues as Excellent / Good – All of the venues we use are fantastic, accommodating and genuinely want to grown Junior Participation. We’ll continue to work with all Junior friendly clubs in the future to promote this amazing game that we all love.

✅ +76 Net Promoter Score – We’ve increased our score by (+6) since 2019 which is fantastic and it’s great to hear how many of you would recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues – long may this continue

✅ 100% rated us as Excellent / Good when it comes to running a professional event. A huge shout out goes to our fab co-ordinators who make these events so family friendly and welcoming. This is what it’s all about…

✅ Plans for 2022 – We’ve scheduled 11 Masters Events (18 holes) and are in the process of finalising our 9 Hole Tour (Rookies Tour). We also have some other big news in the pipeline but we’ll save that for another day

✅ 94% of parents surveyed rated us as Excellent / Very Good compared to other Junior Tours. It’s encouraging to know we’re performing well and we’ll continue to make improvements every year.

There’s so much more we want to share with you and we’ll be taking all of the comments to look at how we improve the service we offer for 2022.


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