We’ve created a list of Frequently Asked Questions and added them below. 

1. What is the Northern Junior Golf Tour?

The Northern Junior Golf Tour in association with PING and our other sponsors (Golf Breaks, Chinny Dipper Golf Clothing, Adore Golf Grips, Golf Parc, Northern Ball Markers & Golf Scoreboards) prides itself on delivering high quality, professional events for Junior Golfers aged 6 – 18 years old across Northern England.

We have two separate Junior Tours running in 2022 which are the Rookies Tour & the Masters Tour.

The Rookies Tour is for Juniors aged 6-14 years old played over 9 holes. You can play in these events with or without a handicap as there are separate divisions to suit different abilities. Golfers will play off the White, Yellow, Red or Forward (Blue) tees depending on their age/ability, competing in an Order of Merit for a chance to qualify for our Grand Final at Ramside Hall Golf Club.  Each event will Stroke Play maximum score event (+5 max per hole), with scores submitted to WHS for handicap purposes for those playing from Red, White and Yellow tees.

There are Rookies Tours taking place in Cheshire, County Durham, Cumbria, Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire with 5 qualifying events within each County.

The Masters Tour is our new initiative aimed at junior golfers aged 18 years old and under who would like to compete in a series of 18 hole competition across Northern England. We’re proud to be delivering these events at some of the best clubs in the region and hope you enjoy the challenges that lays before you. 

There are 11 qualifying events in 2022 including 4 Major Championships which carry Double Order of Merit Points.

Each event uses live scoring incorporating a digital leaderboard, professional first tee set up, and fantastic prizes for Gross and Net winners across all of the age groups. 

Junior Golfers will need to have a WHS Handicap of 28 or better for boys and 36 or better for girls to play in these events. 

2. How many Counties are involved?

There are 6 Counties involved within the Northern Junior Golf Tour which are Cheshire, County Durham, Cumbria, Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire.

3. Do I need to be a member of a Golf Club to play in your events?

No, it doesn’t matter if you have an official WHS handicap or not, as we have different categories within the Tour to cater for everyone. You would need an official handicap to play in our Masters Tour (see above for criteria)

4. What is the criteria to enter the Northern Junior Golf Tour?

Rookies Tour Aged 6-14 years old as of the 1st January 2022 & can enter with or without a WHS Handicap.

Masters Tour – Aged 18 years old and under as of the 1st January 2022 with a WHS Handicap of 28 or below (Boys) and 36 or below (Girls)

5. I live in Nottingham, can I enter one of the Cheshire events?

Yes, you can enter any events that you wish.

6. Are Caddies allowed on the Northern Junior Golf Tour?

Yes, we allow caddying. However, we expect children to make their own decisions, select their own clubs and read their own putts on the green. In essence, “caddying” really means only being able to carry the junior’s Golf bag – that’s it!

7. How do the events work and how do I qualify for the Grand Final?

The Rookies Tour

There are 7 different playing categories within the Northern Junior Golf Tour; Advanced Boys (White Tees), Advanced Boys (Yellow Tees), Intermediate Boys, Advanced Girls, Beginner Boys (10 & under) Beginner Boys (11-14 years) and Beginner Girls.

Each player competes in an Order of Merit with the Best 4 scores out of 5 within a designated County will count. The winner of the Gross and Nett Order of Merit within each Division will qualify for the Grand Final giving a total of 14 players from each County.

The Masters Tour

A total of 36 Juniors will qualify for our Grand Final at Ramside Hall GC on Wednesday 31st August 2022.

We have 3 separate age categories for the Masters events which are Under 12’s, Under 15’s and Under 18’s. Within each age category we have separate competitions for Boys and Girls who play in a Gross and Net format.

Players must play in at least 6 events to qualify for the Grand Final as the Order of Merit will be determined by using the best 6 scores out of 11 events.

8. How do I book a place on one of the Tours?

You need to visit www.northernjuniorgolftour.co.uk/membership and create a free account, complete your personal details, then click on the events you wish to enter for 2022.

9. Can I walk around with my Son and Daughter?

Yes, we’d encourage family members to walk the course and encourage the playing group, all events are family friendly.  However, please let the players make their own choices on the course.

10. Where do I find the tee times and results?

All tee times will be emailed out to you within one week of your event and all results are emailed out once the competition is closed. You will also be able to visit www.northernjuniorgolftour.co.uk to view the tee times, results and order of merit standing anytime.

11. I want to enter my 6 year old daughter who doesn’t have a handicap, how long will each hole be on the Rookies Tour for her?

We very much want to encourage participation and make the course playable for everyone so we have different divisions throughout the Tour. As a 6 year old girl she would be playing off the Blue Tees in the ‘Beginner Girls’ category. Typically, the holes are approximately no longer than:

Par 3 – Up to 120 yards

Par 4 – Up to 200 yards

Par 5 – Up to 250 yards

12. How does the live scoring work? Do I need to download an app?

Yes, you need to download the Golf Genius App which is available free of charge via App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android users. Once you’ve downloaded the app we’ll give you a unique Golf Genius Identification code (GGID) when you arrive at the venue. 

It’s simple to use and allows you to view the field in real time with a live leaderboard. 

13. What are the different WHS handicaps?

Each club member and iGolfer has a Handicap Index, which is the value of their best score differentials, that are then averaged.  We would advise that golfers use the MyEG app to view and track their handicap index.

A course handicap is the number of shots that player receives for the tee set they are going to play.  Organisers will provide this at registration and golfers can also see the same value on tables displayed at each club.

Playing Handicap – this value is used for the competition results only for equity purposes.  Golfers are advised not to play using this value but use their course handicap.

14. What are ‘Terms of Competition’?

It is a rule of golf that every committee/organiser publishes terms of competition prior to their events. This will include dates, frequency, entry process, format of play, Handicap allowance, tees used, process of deciding ties and other information.

15. What is a maximum score event?

For speed of play purposes, we will be setting a maximum acceptable score of five over (+5) for all of The Rookie Events.  This means that the maximum score on a par 3 would be 8, for a par 4 a score of 9, and for a par 5 the maximum score the golfer plays to and records is 10.  These scores are acceptable for handicap purposes under WHS rules. 

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