Entries are open to players who:

  • Are aged 6 to 15yrs (Boys & Girls) on 1st January 2021
  • Have a WHS handicap & CDH number (Advanced Categories only)
  • Do not have a handicap

Entry fee £50 for all 6 qualifying events which includes a PING cap worth £20.

All entries will be via an online application and payment must be received within 2 weeks of the first event.

Entries will be limited to a maximum of 90 places per County, subject to tee time availability.

Confirmation of entry will be made via email once application and full payment has been received.


1 Advanced Boys WHS Handicap Max 36 Boys 12-15 Years Yellow
2 Advanced Boys WHS Handicap Max 36 Boys 11 & Under Yellow
3 Advanced Girls WHS Handicap Max 36 Girls 15 & under Red
4 Beginner Boys Max Handicap of 54  Boys  10 – 15 years  Blue



Beginner Boys 

Beginner Girls

Max Handicap of 54

Max Handicap of 54



9 & Under

15 & Under



*Categories are subject to change dependent upon entries, but they will be decided before the first event in each county.

Players will remain in the category that they play the first event in for all of the qualifying events and final, regardless if they reduce their handicap or gain a WHS handicap. 


All six qualifying events will be played over 9 holes at each venue.

All categories will play a Strokeplay format, meaning that the score they enter for each hole will be the number of strokes taken to complete the hole.

Players will receive half of their full handicap allowance (for 9 holes).


Players with a WHS Handicap Index (HI) must be able to prove their HI by using the My EG app or Handicap Certificate. 

Players must register a minimum of 20 minutes before their tee time and must be with the starter 10 minutes before their tee time.

All players are responsible for their own scorecard and must sign it before bringing it to the registration desk immediately after the completion of play. We will also using the Golf Genius App to score all events & one person per group will be responsible to accurately score each grouping. 

Failure to inform the organiser that you are unable to attend an event you have entered, unless an emergency will result in the junior being unable to win a prize at the following event they play in.


Advanced Boys and Girls will play to the normal rules of Golf as set out by the R&A but will also adopt the below ruling on a maximum shot per hole to ensure a consistent pace of play.

All categories (Blue, Red & Yellow tees) will follow R&A and Local Rules on scorecards with a 5 over shot maximum per hole (maximum of 8 on a par 3, 9 on a par 4 & 10 on a par 5), when a player has played the maximum number of shots, they MUST pick up their ball and mark the appropriate 5 over par maximum on their scorecard.


BUNKERS: If a player is in a bunker and cannot get out after TWO attempts, they pick up their ball and take a FREE drop to the nearest side of the bunker within 2 club lengths.

WATER HAZARDS: Players are NOT allowed to try and collect their ball. Players should drop a ball within a safe distance to the side of the hazard for a ONE STROKE PENALTY.

STAKED TREES: Must NOT be damaged. Players MUST pick up their ball and take a FREE DROP away from the tree. This rule applies to staked trees only.

BALL LOST OR OUT OF BOUNDS: If a ball is lost or out of bounds, a ball should be dropped as near as possible to where the ball went for a ONE STROKE PENALTY.

AIR SHOTS: Nobody wants an air shot, so as long as you don’t make contact with the ball that stroke does not count. 

Tournament Directors decision will be FINAL on all disputes.


Due to consistent feedback a decision has been made that caddying is permitted at any of the Northern Junior Golf Tour events. However, “caddying” should only extend to carrying a players’ bag ensuring that players are selecting their own clubs and making their own decisions.

A parent or guardian must remain at the golf club unless another parent is prepared to take responsibility for the player.

We encourage parents/guardians and family to go on the course to watch and encourage the golfers, but they must refrain from standing on the greens.


Players without a formal handicap (under 36) and CDH number will all start the 2021 events with a handicap of 54 and play from blue tees. These “Blue” tee handicaps will be managed by the Northern Junior Golf Tour team as these players will not be playing off an officially rated course. 

Any player who has a WHS Handicap Index of 36 or less must enter in an advanced division (1, 2 or 3)

Adjustments in WHS handicaps MUST be declared at registration of each event, failure to declare the players correct handicap will result in disqualification.

Players in all categories will be subject to revisions as per the Northern JGT handicap reduction & WHS systems for NJGT events. Those participants in divisions 1, 2 & 3 will have handicap adjustments made at each event as per CONGU & qualifying status rules. The results will be recorded & sent back to your home club via the Golf Genius Software. 

NJGT HANDICAP REDUCTION SYSTEM (Divisions 4, 5 and 6 only)

For every shot played under nett par a player’s handicap will reduce by 0.5.

Eg. Luke has a 40 Northern JGT Handicap and receives 20 shots for the 9-hole event. Course Par is 36. Luke scored 50 gross, minus his 20 handicap allowance giving him a nett score of 30. This is 6 under nett par. Luke’s handicap will be reduced from 40 to 37 and therefore will receive 18.5 shots (19) at the next event.

The NJGT reserves the right to reduce handicaps for all players for the purpose of the NJGT in the event that a player has an exceptional score/s.

All handicap alterations will be made by the Tournament Organisers and will be available for the next event. 


Prizes/Trophies and Order of Merit points will be awarded to the best net and best gross score in each category.

Presentation of prizes for all five events will take place after play at the 6th qualifying event. All players are encouraged to attend, and winners should ensure they extend their apologies if unable to.                                                                                                   

8. ORDER OF MERIT (Net & Gross)

The following points will be awarded to each placed player in each category

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
200 pts 180 pts 160 pts 140 pts 120 pts 100 pts 80 pts 60 pts 40 pts 20 pts

N.B – If 2 players finish with the same score, they will share the points awarded to that position and the next. Eg, if two players tie for 1st place, the points awarded to 1st and 2nd place will be added and divided (200 + 180 ÷ 2 = 190) with each player awarded 190 points.

The order of merit positions will be calculated from the players with the highest order of merit total points.  This means that the more events each player participates in, the greater the chance they have of finishing higher in the order of merit table.

In the event of two players having the same Order of Merit points’ total, the player with the highest finish in any one event will finish higher in table. If the two players have the same best finish it will be decided by their second-best finish and so on.

Please note, a player cannot win both the net and gross category. If a player does this the Net Order of Merit will take precedent and the person in 2nd position in the Gross Order of Merit will qualify for the Grand Final.

In the event of an event being cancelled due to weather or other reason, the organisers will try to reschedule if possible, otherwise the tour will be reduced in events.  

The Order of Merit net & gross winners in each category will qualify to represent their County at the regional final, giving a 10 player team at the regional final.


Players will be informed of their place on their County Final Team within a week of the last qualifying event.

Revised rules may be in place at the Final and will be made available to all finalists before the event.

Any player who knows he or she will not be available to take part in the Grand Final is still welcome to play in the qualifying events and order of merit but is encouraged to tell the Tournament Director in advance of the last qualifying event.

Each finalist is responsible for telling the County Co-ordinator their shirt size as soon as possible after the qualifiers have been announced.

The Grand Final will be held on the 22nd August 2021 at Ramside Hall Golf Club – County D