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After careful consideration we have decided to slightly rework the 9 Hole Divisions to make it more equitable ahead of the new season which starts on the 14th April 2024.

The new 9 Hole Divisions are now as follows:

Boys: (Gross Only)

6-7 Years (Blue Tees)

8-9 Years (Blue Tees)

*Under 12 (Red Tees)

*Under 14 (Red Tees)

Girls: (Gross Only)

6-9 Years (Blue Tees)

10-12 Years (Blue Tees)

*Under 12 (Red Tees)

*Under 14 (Red Tees)

Each player in the above Divisions will play in a Gross event only and no handicap will be required. This process makes it easier to allocate players into the correct Division as it’s based on age instead of age & handicap.

*Players off the Red tees will be able to use their score as an acceptable score for handicap purposes (if they have a CDH number) as these will be returned to their respective Home Union on the evening of the event and added to their handicap record. 

The key changes are designed to make it fairer for Junior Golfers in the 9 Hole Division by playing in age group categories, instead of the previous system which potentially could see an 8 year old with a Handicap Index playing against a 13 year old with a Handicap. We want to promote a positive environment for all junior golfers, help them develop and enjoy their golf along the journey.

Qualification for the Grand Final remains the same, and we’ll still be using the Best 6 Scores from 14 to determine the qualifiers. However, we’ll now be increasing the number of players who can qualify for the Grand Final, by taking the Top 8 Players from each Division (9 Hole Divisions only)


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