Entries are open to players who:

  • Are aged 6 to 14 years (Boys & Girls) on 1stJanuary 2024.
  • Have a WHS handicap index and CDH number 
  • Do not have a handicap 
  • Entry fees: £17.99 for the Rookies Tour. 10% Discount for all NJGT members.


  • To view the 2024 Rookies Tour Divisions please click here.
  • Categories/Handicap Index bandings are subject to change dependent upon entries, but they will be decided before the first event.
  • Players will remain in the category that they play the first event in for all the qualifying events and final. 


  • Stroke Play played over 9 holes at each venue. 
  • Players in categories A, B, C, & D will play in a Gross competition only which is subject to a maximum of 5 over par on each hole. They will also play using adapted rules from the Blue tees (see below). 
  • Players in categories E, F, G & H will play in a Gross event only but within specific age ranges, that are not defined by handicap. 
  • U12 Boys/ U14 Boys, U12 Girls & U14 Girls

    These Divisions will play to the normal rules of Golf as set out by the R&A but will also adopt the below ruling on a maximum shot per hole to ensure a consistent pace of play.

    All categories (Blue & Red tees) will follow R&A and Local Rules on scorecards with a 5 over shot maximum per hole (maximum of 8 on a par 3, 9 on a par 4 & 10 on a par 5), when a player has played the maximum number of shots, they MUST pick up their ball and mark the appropriate 5 over par maximum on their scorecard.


    ADDITIONAL NJGT BEGINNER RULES (Beginner Golfer participants)

    BUNKERS: If a player is in a bunker and cannot get out after TWO attempts, they pick up their ball and take a FREE drop to the nearest side of the bunker within 2 club lengths.

  • WATER HAZARDS: Players are NOT allowed to try and collect their ball. Players should drop a ball within a safe distance to the side of the hazard for a ONE STROKE PENALTY.

    STAKED TREES: Must NOT be damaged. Players MUST pick up their ball and take a FREE DROP away from the tree. This rule applies to staked trees only.

    BALL LOST OR OUT OF BOUNDS: If a ball is lost or out of bounds, a ball should be dropped as near as possible to where the ball went for a ONE STROKE PENALTY.

    AIR SHOTS: Nobody wants an air shot, so as long as you don’t make contact with the ball that stroke does not count. 

    Tournament Directors decision will be FINAL on all disputes.

  • Prizes/ Trophies and Order of Merit points will be awarded to the best gross score in each category, and also 2nd place.
  • Presentation of prizes for all events will take place after play at each event.
  • All players are encouraged to attend, and winners should ensure they extend their apologies if unable to.    


  • To view the points allocation awarded for each placed player please click here.
  • In the case of a tie; countback will be applied to determine the winner (i.e. Last 9, 6, 3, 1 holes) 
  • Each player competes in an Order of Merit with the Best 6 scores out of 14 to count towards the final Order of Merit standings.
  • The top 8 players within all of the 9 Hole Divisions will qualify for the Grand Final.
  • In the event of two players having the same Order of Merit points’ total, the player with the highest finish in any one event will finish higher in table. If the two players have the same best finish it will be decided by their second-best finish and so on.